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Banking & Cash Management

  • Oversight of University of Iowa bank accounts, including account administration and user authorization
  • Negotiation of contracts for ATMs, credit card processing, and lockbox services. Ongoing monitoring of activity to ensure optimal pricing and consistent service levels
  • Review and validation of daily bank transactions. Initiation of wire transfers and ACH transactions as necessary
  • Long-term and daily cash forecasting, including daily evaluation of cash positions to ensure appropriate investment of funds


  • Monitor performance of externally managed investment pools:
    • Long term pool (includes endowment funds)
    • Intermediate pool
    • Operating pool
  • Assure compliance with Iowa Code, Board of Regents, State of Iowa Investment Policy, University bond indentures, University policies and generally accepted accounting policies
  • Direct responsibility for investment of restricted and unrestricted operating funds
  • Administration of all endowment and quasi endowment funds in the long term and intermediate investment pools. Maintain participant records including calculation of spendable earnings

Debt Service

Bond Registrar and Paying Agent