International Check Receipts


Any check, draft, cashiers check or money order that meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Item issued in any currency other than US dollars (USD)
    • including Canadian dollars
    • including items drawn on a U.S. bank but payable in a foreign currency
    • item drawn on or payable through any bank not physically located in the US, including Canada (Check could be in US Dollars)

Important Notes

  • Due to the cost and manner in which International checks clear, please be aware that they may be returned unprocessed and/or may result in a loss to your department
  • The collection process may take from several weeks to several months
  • If you have frequent international payers, you should encourage them to wire the funds to you instead of issuing a paper check. Please contact for more information on how to provide wiring instructions to your payer

Departmental Process

  • Endorse all check(s) with a restrictive endorsement stating "For Deposit Only", the department name, the four digit department number, and "University of Iowa"
  • Complete FileInternational Check Deposit Form.xlsx in lieu of an eDeposit
  • Send check(s) and completed International Check Deposit Form in a sealed envelope via campus mail or personally deliver to: Scott Godsil, University Billing Office, 5 Calvin Hall

Deposit Process

  • University Billing Office will deposit the check(s) at the University’s bank
  • The University’s bank submits the check(s) to the foreign bank, either directly or through an intermediary bank
  • If necessary, the collected funds are then converted to US Dollars using a foreign currency exchange rate
  • The international bank may assess a fee for processing the check
  • The University’s bank also assesses a fee for its role in the collection process. 
    In total, fees may exceed $100 per check
  • Remaining funds are then deposited in U.S dollars to the University's bank account
  • University Billing Office will create the eDeposit and the net amount will be posted to your MFK(s). A copy of the eDeposit will be sent to you for your records