Remote Deposit

The University of Iowa offers the ability for departments to deposit checks through a check scanner on a selective basis. If your department has an interest in this deposit method, please contact

University of Iowa Remote Deposit Policy

REGISTRATION Your departmental cash handling policy should be updated to include the use of electronic deposit technology to remotely deposit checks and must be submitted for approval through Workflow.
ENDORSEMENT All checks should be restrictively endorsed prior to scanning.
FRANKING Check scanning devices should always have a functioning ink cartridge (see manufacturer’s specifications) to ensure that each check is franked with the text “Electronically Deposited” when it passes through the scanning device.  Please monitor the back of the scanned checks regularly to ensure the text printed is legible.
STORAGE  After checks have been scanned they should be secured in a safe for a minimum of 2 weeks, but no longer than 1 month.  If no safe is available a lockable, fire-proof filing cabinet in a secured area with limited accessibility may be used for storage.
DESTRUCTION Checks should be destroyed within a month after they have been scanned (this allows sufficient time for check to clear the account it is drawn on), using a cross-cut paper shredder (not a strip-cut shredder); or use of secured, confidential document destruction service.

Departments that own a check scanner are responsible for purchasing supplies and maintaining the device. This includes ink cartridges, cleaning supplies, replacement rollers, etc. The University eBuy system ( should be checked first for supplies. If the supplies cannot be found there, the device manufacturer website has a full catalog of supplies:

Panini Scanner:

Digital Check Scanner:

**In either instance, the University P-Card must be used for these purchases.**

Technical support is available through the Wells Fargo Desktop Deposit Help Desk: 1-800-289-3557, option 5, then 4.

Any questions regarding the use of remote deposit, check scanners or any of the above items should be directed to